RAV7™ series

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The RAV7™ series produce high quality low index (1.50) ophthalmic lenses, at high yield.
They are characterized by a high scratch and weather resistance, are tintable and have optical performance close to mineral glass. RAV7™ extends its use to applications like the marine environment and welding masks, as well as photographic filters.

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Product Portfolio

Classification Grades Key features
Standard RAV7™AT Standard ADC grade for 1.50 index lenses / materials
Standard RAV7™AX Second generation standard ADC grade for 1.50 index lenses
Special RAV7™NL Up to 40% lower IPP usage, with higher HDT and lens hardness, yet similar properties to standard ADC
Has proven better casting yield and easier lens production
Also: curable with BPO powder
Premium RAV7™NG Reduced shrinkage and initiator usage. Suited to cast complex lenses. Improved scratch resistance
Premium RAV7™MC In-mass coloration of sunlenses and corrective lenses
Prevents tinting failures and improves color consistency
Improves production yield over conventional dip-dyeing
Middle Index RAV7™55T ADC grade for producing 1.55 / 1.56 index lenses / materials
Premium RAV7™BC Special 1.5 index ADC grade with UV+420cutOpen new window