SK™ Series
- Transparent High Index Materials

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SK™ Series- Transparent High Index Materials

The SK™ Series is a thiourethane, 2- or 3-component system which is thermally cured to form a hard, durable, transparent high refractive index plastic. It bonds well to glass and plastics, making it an ideal adhesive for high refractive index applications. It can also be cast into sheets, blocks, and other forms, making it a lightweight, impact resistant replacement for high index glass in a wide variety of applications.


High Refractive Index

SK™ is available in refractive indices ranging from 1.57 to 1.67, depending on the grade of the material.


SK™ adheres very well to both, mineral glass and plastic, making it an ideal adhesive for almost any kind of high refractive index materials

Impact Resistance

The urethane chemistry of the SK™-Series grants it superior impact resistance. It will not shatter like glass, making it an ideal replacement for high refractive index mineral glass.

Low Density

The SK™-Series materials have a lower density than mineral glass.Optical components made with SK™ allow for a lighter device compared to the same application with high index mineral glass.


The SK™-Series materials can be cast into a variety of shapes, such as sheets, blocks, films, etc. All grades are also easy to grind, cut, and polish.
The SK™-Series materials are easy to tint, easy to coat, and can be infused with additives, such as dyes to absorb UV and other wavelengths of light.


Grade Refractive Index Abbe Number Density ( g / cm3 ) Heat Distortion Temperature (℃)
SK-100 1.57 42 1.31 111
SK-200 1.62 39 1.31 116
SK-300 1.63 38 1.32 134
SK-400 1.60 41 1.30 118
SK-500 1.67 31 1.35 85
SK-600 1.67 31 1.37 100


High Refractive Index Adhesive

SK™-Series grades can be used as an adhesive for high index glass and plastic in optical and other applications (radiation detection, security, etc.).

High Refractive Index Plastic

SK™-Series is used as a lightweight, impact resistant alternative to high index mineral glass. It can be cast into sheets, films, blocks, prisms, and other shapes as needed.

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