- A Patented In-Mass Technology for Plastic Photochromic Lenses

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SunSensors™ is a patented in-mass technology for plastic photochromic lenses to mix the photochromic dye in the lens monomer. This patented technology is compatible with most anti-reflective (AR) and hard-coating (HC) treatments and has a middle index of 1.56. The lenses, with a transmission factor of visible range of 86% indoors, are available in gray and brown. Under AS/NZS 1067, the lenses outdoors are classified as sunglass lens category.

The following is an overview of the SunSensors product lineup, the physical properties and characteristics.

Product Lineup

SunSensors™ Universal Benchmark of photochromic plastic lens
SunSensors™ + Photochromic lens with superior tensile strength for rimless frames specifically
SunSensors™ HPM High Performance Photochromic Monomer (HPM) to improve photochromic performance by high thermal dependence

Physical Properties

Characteristics According to ISO 14889

Transmission Factor (Visible + UV)

Transmittance Properties According to ISO 8980-3

Darkening and Fading Graphs

Sunsensors™, Sunsensors™ +, Sunsensors™ HPM pass the standards of traffic signal recognition; ISO 14889, ANSI Z80.3 and AS1067.1.