SWP™ (polyolefin synthetic pulp)

Combining paper and plastic expands potentiality.

  • Heat sealability
  • Water resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Thermal adhesion
  • Mouldability
  • Embossibility
  • Surface smoothness
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SWP and other Fibers(Photomicrographs, 150 times magnification)

Wood pulp
Wood pulp


Polyolefin cut fiber
Polyolefin cut fiber

SWP package

SWP™ package

Package (Bale) wrapped with polyethylene film of approximately 70cm (length) x 60cm(width) x 65cm (height) contains 150 - 170 wet sheets. The gross weight of each package (bale) varies according to the grade.

Typical gross weight
Type E: 210kg
Type UL: 190kg
Types NL, AU, Y: 170kg

Air-dry weight (ADkg) is stated on the label on each bale.
Air-dry weight is used as the invoiceable unit of SWP containing10% water.
Air-dry weight = total weight x (100 - moisture percentage) /90