MILASTOMER™ (thermoplastic olefinicelastmer)

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Olefinic Thermoplastic Elastomer

MILASTOMER is an Olefinic Thermoplastic Elastomer that Mitsui Chemicals have developed, based on many years of experience and Knowledge, in manufacturing technology of plastics and synthetic rubbers. It shows excellent characteristics in both heat and cold resistances, weatherability, chemical resistance, and electric insulation, while showing superb processability in various types of forming processes, such as extrusion, calendar, blow, and injection moulding.

Heat resistance

It is superior to other flexible resins in heat resistance and can be used in high temperature.


Its density is lower than other elastomers, which can make products light.

Molding processability

Since its excellent flowability in molding can prevent occurring sink marks and welds, it is easy to mold large and thick products by injection, and it can make molding process easy, such as variant excursion with complicated profile. It also has economical merits by recycling its sprues, runners, flashes and scraps.

Electric properties

Its electrical properties are as good as olefin plastics.

Weather resistance

Its excellent weather resistance is suitable for long term outdoor usage.

Chemical resistance

It can resist water, acid, alkali, alcohol, acetone and vegetable oil, but you must be careful with aroma organic solvent, gasoline and mineral oil, etc. It cannot resist these materials.