LUCANT™ (hydrocarbon-based synthetic oil)

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LUCANT™ Hydrocarbon Based Synthetic Oil

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and The Lubrizol Corporation have entered into an alliance agreement making Lubrizol the exclusive worldwide seller and marketer of the LUCANT™ polymer product range to the lubricant industry.
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For LUCANT™ lubricant inquiries, please contact The Lubrizol Corporation at LUCANT.  
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Basic information

LUCANT™ is an ethylene/α-olefin oligomer. It is a hydrocarbon-based synthetic oil containing no polar group. The synthetic oil having this structure is a unique product commercialized by Mitsui Chemicals for the first time in the world.

LUCANT™ as a base oil or a viscosity modifier contributes to an improvement in the functions of the lubricants that are required to have heat resistance, low-temperature resistance and high shear stability.

LUCANT™ as an additive to rubbers, resins, paints and coatings, etc. gives new functions such as processability, flexibility, heat resistance, low-temperature properties, sliding properties and defoaming properties, among other properties.


LUCANT™ is a colorless, transparent, viscous liquid. A full lineup of LUCANT™ grades that covers a broad range of viscosity is available.

Heat resistance

LUCANT™ is stable against heat. It is a material that has high flash and ignition points.

Chemical resistance

LUCANT™ is chemically stable and shows excellent chemical resistance, exhibiting little or no quality change when exposed to acid and alkali.

Lubricity improvement

LUCANT™ is a superb lubricating material that is characterized by wide operating temperature, excellent shear stability, excellent thickening efficiency, thick oil film thickness and low pour point, among other properties.


Lubricant application, Rubber & Elastomers application as plasticizer, flexibilizer and process aid, Resin application as flexibilizer, slip agent and sliding property improver, Paint and coating application as defoamer, and other application (tackifier, adhesive, ink , cosmetics, heat carrier, specialty chemicals and solvents)