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Olefin Varnish XP

Mitsui Chemicals offers a line of Modified-Olefin-Based Varnish. Olefin Varnish XP includes four grades. XP012 is the standard. XP002 has the lowest tackiness and the highest transparency and XP102 and XP112 have improved thermal resistance over XP002 and XP012. You can also use them in two pack curing system by adding HEXAMETHYLENE DIISOCYANATE (HDI) polyisocyanates which are Isocyanate curing agents, in order to improve film strength and adhesiveness.

With excellent thermal adhesion, low tackiness, and high elongation, Olefin Varnish XP reduces material costs and improves end product robustness. The line’s low temperature processability and tackiness are its key distinguishing features.

Olefin Varnish XP Characteristics

Excellent Thermal Adhesion

This varnish for adhesion has excellent thermal adhesion at approximately 100℃. XP012 shows excellent adhesiveness on a range of substrate materials, from hard-PP, soft-PP, ABS, Polycarbonate, PMMA, Acryl, PET, PPS, Glass and metals (such as aluminum). In addition, cured XP012 also shows improved adhesiveness on polycarbonate/ABS alloy. XP002 has a more limited application, with excellent adhesiveness on Soft-PP and select metals only.

This varnish facilitates excellent adhesiveness at low heat sealing temperature. The following chart shows that heat sealing below 100℃ can yield more than 10N/cm peel strength.

The following chart shows the thermal resistance performance at various temperatures. The line has 10N/cm peel strength even at 80℃.

Low tackiness

Compared to conventional chlorinated PP or an acrylic adhesive, XP002 and XP012 have lower tackiness, even at temperatures below 50℃.

Due to the line’s low tackiness, a transparent, homogenous and tack-free flexible film can be obtained at room temperature.

High elongation

The varnish can maintain superior adhesion performance at high elongation. Testing has shown that adhesion performance is maintained even at 250-500% elongation. These results indicate that it can be used for vacuum pressure forming to achieve surface decoration of 3D forms with overlaid decorated plastic films.

Resistance to solvents and hot water

XP002 exhibits good resistance to various solvents such as IPA, ethanol, toluene, and MEK. The line is also resistant to hot water at 60℃.

Olefin Varnish XP Applications

The low temperature processability and tackiness enhance cost effectiveness of product development while maintaining robust finished properties. The suggested applications include:

  • Plastic films such as PET
  • Hot melt adhesion for vacuum pressure forming
  • Primer for olefin substrates
  • Ink binders

If you have another potential application for this type, please contact the product manager to discuss in greater detail.