SOLAR ASCE™ (Advanced Solar Cell Encapsulant)

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Real PID FREE Encapsulant

Mitsui Chemicals was the pioneer in developing a cross-linking type PO material for Solar Cell Encapsulation.
Based on this experience and expertise, Mitsui Chemicals have developed the most advanced cross-linking polyolefin (PO) base encapsulation material for high-end Solar Modules : SOLAR ASCE™.
With SOLAR ASCE™, you can now enjoy the best of PO encapsulant with a Real PID Free material.

The various properties from our unique material design provides excellent features :

  • Much higher volume resistivity than EVA : ASCE is a true PID free encapsulant
  • Excellent durability (high temperature, high humidity and weather resistance)
  • Extremely low water absorption compared to EVA
  • Excellent adhesive bonding to glass, cell, and backsheet
  • Excellent optical transmission and transparency
  • Excellent encapsulating properties during the lamination process
  • Excellent flexibility, protecting cells from physical stress during the lamination process