SOLAR EVA™ (Encapsulant sheets for Solar Cells)

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For the ever-growing interest in ecology all over the world, natural energy resources, especially solar
power, draws high expectations. Combined with subsidies from the government, the solar power market has been growing rapidly and explosively both in terms of corporate activities and our private lives.
Needless to say, the requirements for solar modules, such as maintaining high efficiency and longevity, need to be fully satisfied in any environment. With the accumulated expertise of more than 20 years in the solar module encapsulant field, we are sure we can support the industry and make contributions to the growth of solar energy.
Encapsulant sheets play an important roll in preventing water and dirt from infiltrating into solar modules as well as protecting the cell by softening the shocks and vibrations to the cell.
We deliver products with superb stable quality to meet your demands.


EVA sheets

SOLAR EVA™ is our brand name of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) base encapsulating sheet. The various characteristic properties from EVA resin provide excellent features as described below, and some additional features, such as high temperature resistance and weather resistance, were added for use in severe environments with sunshine.

  • Excellent durability (high temperature, high humidity, and weather resistance)
  • Excellent adhesive bonding to glass, cell, and back side film (backsheet)
  • Excellent encapsulating properties during the lamination process
  • Excellent optical transmission and transparency
  • Excellent flexibility, protecting cells from physical stress during the lamination process