Multi-branch fibrillated polyolefin

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Usage detail

Paint and adhesive component as asbestos replacement, thixotropic agent


Chemical resistance thixotropy, viscosity control, dispersion, particle entrapment, mouldability, embossibility and surface smoothness

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KEMIBESTO™ is dried and fluffed polyolefin synthetic pulp (SWP™) with multi-branch fibers that disperses readily in water or organic solvents. It is used for a broad range of applications such as thixo-agents and viscosity agents in coatings, adhesives and sealants, dispersion and particle entrapment in inorganic fillers, and binding agents in quasi-fiber products.


Thixotropy/Viscosity control

KEMIBESTO™ has superb thixotropic properties when added to coatings, adhesives and sealants. Because of its multi-branch structure (trunks of tens of microns, branches and leaves of microns), KEMIBESTO™ effectively adheres to itself and to other materials. It has high thickening properties that can be achieved with smaller amounts than inorganic fibers or silica thickening agents.

Dispersion/Particle entrapment

KEMIBESTO™'s multi-branch structure affords uniform dispersion and superb particle entrapment in nano-silica particles, diatomaceous earth, bentonite and glass fiber, among other materials.

Chemical resistance

KEMIBESTO™ is a polyolefin and therefore has high resistance to acids and alkalis.


Various coatings, adhesives, sealants and water-proof, putty, FRP, dryformed board, repair mortar and inorganic filler compound materials

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